Meet your Skipper

You will immediately feel at ease knowing you're in the safe hands of an experienced skipper who loves nothing more than sailing and sharing the experience with new people. 

Tony has been on boats for as far back as he can remember. Sailing small yachts on Lough Neagh with his Dad back in the early 1980's was as good an introduction as he could have wished for. The need to be on the water has stayed with him and he's had boats of various shapes and sizes over the years. With Nebraska, it was love at first sight and eight years later, they know one another inside out.

You will feel most welcome on board and Tony will make sure that you know everything that's happening; he'll encourage you to get involved and he'll always make sure that you are only ever doing something that you're comfortable with and within your capabilities. 

You will see very quickly that most of all, Tony wants you to have fun in a safe and comfortable yacht. He'll make sure you have a good time, learn some new skills, make new friends and leave with memories for a lifetime.