The local lads came back for more

August 03, 2018

Sometimes good friends need to pin an event to get a proper catch up. These guys have got the right idea.

It's the annual catch up for these guys and when we meet on board, it's like just where we left off last year. This time with one extra - the guy who couldn't make it last time. The group of best friends are now united.

So the plan is that we'll leave Ballycastle and sail the pants off the boat for three days solid. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. If ever you need a reason to change a plan, Portpatrick will probably be it.

We arrive after a fine sail with the spinnaker taking us pretty much the whole way there, only to find that it's the finale of Lifeboat Week. Festivities are in full flow and the live music soon has us settling in. We decide to not get too comfortable knowing we've got an early kick off the following morning. Then we decide we have the option to stay two nights but we're not committing to anything yet. Then we decide we've the option to stay but we'll take a vote - later. Then we vote. Then you know we're staying in Portpatrick two nights!

Boy was that the right decision. Portpatrick Lifeboat Week delivered. Live music, a gin bus, fire works, a bonfire and lets not forget the obligatory round on the putting green where stakes run high!