It's lift out time

February 04, 2018

Strangely, I love this essential part of boat ownership. Lists get made and boxes get ticked and there are always new things to be done. The relationship with the boat deepens and she gets what she needs.

There are always jobs to be done. That just comes with the territory. But wintertime is really when the 'big' stuff gets done. This year was Nebraska's year to get her standing rigging renewed, In Northern Ireland, the best man for the job is Niall Clarke and sure to his word, a fine job as always. Being a racing man, Niall knows his onions. Some reconfiguration of the stays and further precision tuning of the mast and Nebraska is singing. She always sailed well to windward but things are different now.

She feels stiffer, more responsive and sails closer to the wind than ever before. Sail handling is a little easier too. Did I mention the 14.9kts over ground? Granted - the super moon helped I guess.

Downwind, she's never gonna set the world on fire but she slips along nicely at plus 5 knots. The parasail fixes this. #love

Watching the playback of BBC Coast Lives helped me through the winter.