Giant Tours ask for a giant tour #got

April 19, 2018

When you get a call from a guy who makes a living showing tourists our amazing country, one could be forgiven for feeling like we really need to step up to the plate with this one. Did I mention he was in the Game Of Thrones?

The gauntlet has been thrown. I duly accept.

First stop - Jura. The Paps, the distillery, the weather, the hospitality... I've hit the ground running and (don't worry, there's no pun) we're off to a great start. Flip at 6ft 7" and his brother Roger at 6ft 9", we know already we're not all gonna fit in that dinghy; never mind me and Shaggy!

I've already won them over. They're impressed and I can feel a sense of relief. Flip's tours are stunning. I mean really stunning. But for these guys, it's a bit different. Flip loves the sea and has history with it. I see him recollect his thoughts of his time with the lifeboat and I just know that together, they're in the zone. We leave Jura and head north to Ardfern. So of course, once down the pub, everyone recognises him as the guy from Game of Thrones.

Of course they recognise me from my my own BBC career too - naturally. Don't they??

No - is the short and rightful answer! Regardless, the following day we head south to Gigha. Lucky enough to grab a space at the very end of the pontoon (where there's just enough water), we can keep the dinghy stored.

The sun is shining so we grab some beers and sit on the back of the boat, just taking it all in. We go see Henry at the Gallery. She makes some coffee and insists on giving us cake - like we were hard to persuade. This is all before dinner at (as in the Michelin guide) The Boathouse. What a way to end a trip.