Canadians ask for 'the trip of a lifetime'. Very well...

May 15, 2018

So Adam wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday with something a bit different. He brings his partner and his Mum & Dad to Ireland for a three week charter. The itinerary? Well... probably about as good as it gets.

Leg 1

Fly to Ireland, get on a boat and sail our stunning coastline to my favourite place in the world - Portrush. Just in time for the NW200. Spend five days following the finest road racers in the world going toe to toe on this astounding circuit. If you could throw in wall to wall sunshine - that'd be great. Done!

Leg 2

Jump back on the boat and sail to Scotland. Take in the Clyde with loads of stop offs including Campbeltown, Portavadie, The Kyles of Bute, Largs, Kip, East Loch Tarbert, Loch Ranza before crossing the North Channel to arrive at Rathlin before our short leg home to Ballycastle. If you could throw in wall to wall sunshine - that'd be great. Done!

Leg 3

A couple of days ashore to see the Causeway, Fairhead (Giant Tours were awesome), The Hedges and Bushmills Distillery to name a few were followed by a day of loading up the boat to go again. This time - the Isle of Man TT. So off we sailed. We were met with fog as thick as pea soup. Our first sail took us to Bangor with navigation skills in full operation as we could barely see the nose of the boat. Nothing changed for the next day as we made our way towards Peel. Another few days watching the bikes and utterly breathtaking speeds (and the best bus run karaoke session you ever did see) set us for our return course to Bangor. Again - fog like pea soup. Adam's Dad has thousands of sea miles under his keel (proper offshore stuff) so it was great to have him on radar watch. Other than the sea passages, we continued to tick the "if you could throw in wall to wall sunshine" box. But then it happened. For the first time in this 22 day trip - it rained. For a whole 20 minutes. But then the sun came back.

Oh... and they're coming back to do it all again 2020.